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CERN - Higgs boson(god Particle)

Poem by Ruth Peel:

"The source of all movement,
Shiva's dance,
Gives rhythm to the universe.
He dances in evil places,
In sacred,
He creates and preserves,
Destroys and releases.

We are part of this dance
This eternal rhythm,
And woe to us if, blinded
By illusions,
We detach ourselves
From the dancing cosmos,
This universal harmony…"


"Saiva Siddhanta philosophy is the choicest product of the Dravidian intellect. The Saiva Siddhanta system is the most elaborate, influential and undoubtedly the most intrinsically valuable of all the religions of India.It is a peculiarly South Indian and Tamil religion.Saivism is the old prehistoric religion of South India, essentially existing from pre-Aryan times and holds sway over the hearts of the Tamil people"

G.U.Pope translated Thiruvarutpayan and Thiruvasagam to English. He completed his translation of Tirukkural on September 1, 1886. The services of this great soul to Tamil and Saivism defy reckoning by weights and measures.
In his last days he was a mature Saiva Siddhanti, with his faith as ever rooted in Chiristianity. He delivered his last sermon on May 26, 1907.
In forwarding us a copy of his last Sermon preached in Balliol College Chapel on May 26,1907, with all best Christmas wishes, Dr.Pope wrote to us as follows in his Autograph which will interest all Indian lovers of this old Tamil veteran Scholar and Savant.26 Walton Bell Road,Oxford, Dec.25, 1907...

"My dear friend,In the heart of this my last sermon, lie truths that harmonize with all that is best in Tiruvachagam and Siva-nyanam(Siva-gnana bodham) .I am very old. May the Father bless you and yours.Ever truly your friend G.U.Pope."

H.R Hoyzington
A Christian priest H.R Hoyzington,the founder of church of South India ( CSI) who has already mastered six languages, came to India from America. After learning Sanskrit and tamil,he made the first English translation of Sivagnana Botham after studying Saiva Siddhantam. His conclusion was, the doctrine and philosophical truth in Saiva Siddhantam can never be found in any Greek or Latin philosophy and made it compulsory for every Christian priest around the world to master this great work of Meykandar. He also made a translation of Sivapragasam by Umapathi Sivachariyar.

3 Sir John Marshall

"He is responsible for surveying Harappa and Mohanjadoro Civilization"

"Saiva Siddhantam is the system of Saivism which is the pre-historic religion of India. This system is not only logical but also scientific. The basic concepts of Saiva Siddhanta philosophy are already found in the Vedas and the Sivagamas have elaborated them further. It was not founded by any particular person and has no particular date of origin."
“Saivism has been recognised as the most ancient religion which is living in the world”

Dr Kamil V. Zvelebil

"There is no doubt that the culture of the Tamils belongs to the great and immortal treasures of the world's civilisation."

The Thirukural, one of the great books of the world, one of those singular emanations of the human heart and spirit which preach positive love and forgiveness and peace

The philosophical system of Saiva Sidhdhantha, a system, which may be ranked among the most perfect and cleverest systems of human thought; 

Checkoslovakian, Dr Kamil V. Zvelebil. He was invited by the Indian Goverment for the 5th World Tamil Conference in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. He was a person who knows the most number of languages in the world. He has mastered 52 languages including Saiva Siddhantam philosophy. In his speech during the conference, he mentioned that Saiva Siddhantam should be ranked among the perfect and cleverest system of human thought.

3 Dr Ruth Rayna

Dr Ruth Rayna from Londan says, everything that is mentioned in Siddhanta philosophy is science. But the reason it is not acknowledged by scientist as science because scientists could not understand the poetic language used in Siddhanta term by Siddhanta philosophers.


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